I love to be creative in the kitchen, experimenting with different flavor profiles, creating menus and recipes. I like flavors to compliment each other and usually stick with a particular theme or culture, thus I am not a huge fan of “Pot Luck”. If you’re invited to dinner and ask what you can bring, please don’t be insulted if I say “just yourself”. It’s not that I don’t trust your cooking talents, it’s just a quirk of mine, and hey, we all have them.

For many years people have asked me for recipes for some of my creations…problem is I am an intuitive cook and often don’t have an actual recipe written down. I have often threatened to write a cookbook, but I never seemed to gain traction as I am most definitely a deadline gal. I have a smattering of recipes written down in response to specific requests, but otherwise there are scraps of paper in file folders with ingredients and some semblance of procedure. When my wings were clipped during the Corona Virus Pandemic and Stay Home orders, I had nothing to distract me and nothing but time on my hands, so decided the time was upon me to cook and write it all down with the objective of finally writing that book. I began posting on Facebook and Instagram and found that friends were not only following, but were enjoying my posts and encouraging me to continue. My husband, who had been prodding me to get off the dime and write the book, suggested that perhaps writing a blog would help me along with my project. Thus, Ktina’s Kitchen was launched.

I hope you enjoy the posts. I encourage you to try the recipes and provide feedback on how they turned out, as I’m always looking to improve. I also hope you will indulge me with patience, as I’m new at this and it’s a work in progress here. 😏

Cheers, Kristina